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Lower back pain and sciatica symptoms can prevent you from living an active lifestyle, caring for and enjoying your family, functioning well at work, or even walking or sitting comfortably. If you need relief from lower back problems like a stiff or sore lower back, persistent lower back pain, back strain, lower back muscle spasms, hip pain, or pain shooting down the back of your legs, turn to the skilled chiropractors at Rogue.

Our chiropractors are trusted throughout the Portland community to help relieve back pain and sciatica symptoms. Through non-invasive, state-of-the-art patient care, Rogue Chiropractic helps your Portland friends and neighbors reap the benefits of their healthy lifestyle choices, experience lasting relief from severe lower back pain and sciatica symptoms, and improve their energy levels and overall functionality.

You can depend on the healthcare professionals at Rogue to address your symptoms through evidence-based, advanced chiropractic care that determines the root cause of your lower back and sciatica pain, helps you experience backache and sciatica pain relief, and restores your quality of life.

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Portland Chiropractor for Sciatica Relief

Relieve Your Lower Back and Sciatica Pain

Lower back pain and sciatica can be caused by misalignments in your spine, called subluxations, that exert pressure on or stretch your nerves.

The chiropractors at Rogue can reduce the stress on your nerves by skillfully manipulating your spine and joints to remove subluxations caused by herniated discs, spinal decompression, or spinal misalignment.

Dr. Diane Tran and Dr. Grant Schoen of Rogue Chiropractic will leverage their extensive chiropractic training and experience to discover the true cause of your lower back problems and improve spinal misalignments that are causing nerve interference.

Modern Technology and a Holistic Approach

Certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®), Dr. Tran and Dr. Schoen take a global perspective in evaluating your symptoms and encourage the natural alignment of your neck and spine through gentle, individualized chiropractic manipulation that addresses subluxations and helps you see positive results.

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Why Choose Rogue for Lower Back Pain Relief and Sciatica Care?

If you suffer from persistent lower back pain or sciatica and are seeking non-surgical back pain treatment, turn to Rogue Chiropractic for personalized, evidence-based chiropractic care. Dr. Diane Tran and Dr. Grant Schoen have earned advanced degrees and certifications in the practice of Chiropractic BioPhysics. Their years of training and wealth of experience have provided them with the specialized knowledge they need to help you experience long-term symptom relief. Using specialized equipment, Dr. Diane and Dr. Grant will conduct a thorough analysis of your symptoms, discover your symptoms' root cause, and develop a non-invasive care plan that will enable them to improve misalignments in your nervous system and help you achieve your back pain treatment goals.

Fast, Convenient Evaluation

The chiropractors at Rogue understand that you're eager to get back pain and sciatica relief as quickly as possible. That's why we use safe, modern digital X-ray equipment that makes it fast and convenient for you to get started on the path to wellness in as little as one day after your initial consultation.

Long-term Pain Relief from Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Patients who seek care at Rogue Chiropractic for their severe lower back pain are thrilled that they can achieve lower back pain relief without being tied to chiropractic care indefinitely. At Rogue, we use Chiropractic BioPhysics treatment modalities that incorporate individualized tools and exercises to help you maintain the improvements you experience while in our care. Rogue's skilled chiropractors have an outstanding reputation for helping our patients experience long-term relief from lower back pain and the symptoms of sciatica.

Improved Functionality

Our patients often experience improvements in their bodies' overall functionality after we discover and address the root cause of their lower back and sciatica pain. The skilled chiropractors at Rogue perform targeted spinal and joint manipulations to improve your body's alignment and remove subluxations in your nervous system, encouraging your joints to realign, helping tight muscles relax, improving organ function, increasing your range of motion, and more. At Rogue Chiropractic, our patients often report relief of sciatica and lower back pain as well as an improvement in their moods, sleep patterns, and relationships.

Personalized Care

Based on our detailed assessment of your musculoskeletal system, Rogue's CBP-certified chiropractors will develop a highly personalized chiropractic care and maintenance plan for you. We care about your comfort and well-being and even offer low-force IQ Impulse adjustments for patients who prefer slow-pressure adjustments without popping or cracking noises.


The expert practitioners at Rogue are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest advances in chiropractic care. We continually supplement our advanced degrees and CBP certifications with the current research and training. To help you experience and maintain relief from persistent lower back and sciatica pain, Dr. Diane Dr. Grant will scientifically analyze your musculoskeletal system, discover the root cause of your symptoms, and develop a highly individualized care plan to gently address misalignments in your nervous system and remove nerve interference.

Non-Invasive Treatment for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Treatment

When other non-invasive sciatica and lower back pain treatments haven't worked for you, it can seem like surgery is your only remaining option. At Rogue Chiropractic, we're committed to providing you with drug-free, non-invasive spinal rehabilitation and postural improvement that helps you avoid surgery and supports the relief of your lower back pain and sciatica. With our Chiropractic BioPhysics care plans, our patients have experienced reductions in lower back and sciatica pain and other symptoms throughout their bodies. The improvements in overall wellness and energy levels that our patients achieve help them live more productive and fulfilling lives.

State-of-the-Art Care for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Unlike traditional chiropractors, the CBP-certified chiropractors at Rogue combine individual assessment with state-of-the-art scientific analysis to develop an individualized care plan that encourages the relief of your sciatica and lower back pain. The whole-body CBP protocols we follow are supported by the results of more than 300 peer-reviewed research studies and yield positive outcomes for specific symptoms and issues. At Rogue, we keep up with the latest research and techniques and employ state-of-the-art tools to detect and address interference in your nervous system and help you reach your treatment goals.

MUST WATCH - A Rogue Spine Center patient describes the DRAMATIC REDUCTION in neck, back and shoulder pain and increased mental clarity he's experienced under the care of Rogue's CBP chiropractors.

Portland's Lower Back and Sciatica Relief Specialists

Depend on the Chiropractic BioPhyics experts at Rogue Spine Center when you want evidence-based chiropractic care that determines and addresses the root cause of your pain, helps you achieve long-term pain relief and improved functionality, and provides overall wellness support. Dr. Diane Tran and Dr. Grant Schoen have an outstanding reputation among people who live and work throughout Portland neighborhoods, including:
  • Arlington Heights
  • Eliot
  • Hillside
  • Homestead
  • Kings Heights
  • Portland Heights
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  • South Waterfront

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Men, women and families throughout the Portland community rave about the top-rated chiropractors at Rogue Chiropractic:

I Finally Feel Like Myself Again!

Been going to Rogue Spine Center and treating with Dr. Grant Schoen for my neck and low back pain for five weeks now. I have treated with other chiropractors and massage therapists without much success. Dr. Grant reviewed my complaints and my posture. He provided a detailed explanation of my complaints and most importantly the root cause. A plan was set up to include chiropractic treatment, traction and exercise. My posture is now straighter and my neck and low back feel great.

Dr. Grant and Dr. Diane's approach to chiropractic is different and effective. They inform their clients, are very pleasant and Professionals in their craft. I am very appreciative of the help I have received from Drs. Diane and Grant of Rogue Spine Clinic. They really care about your overall health. I highly recommend Rogue Spine Clinic.

Tom L., Portland, Oregon 97213
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