Beaverton, Orgeon
Beaverton, Oregon


Located at the edge of Washington County is Oregon’s sixth largest city out of 240. Beaverton is a medley of urban and suburban living, with city-style business life and small-town neighborhoods. The city encompasses twelve distinct neighborhoods, each with something unique to contribute to the ever-growing city. Learn About Portland.

Beaverton is a city located on the edge of Washington County, Oregon. It is the sixth largest city in Oregon, with a population of 240. The city is a mix of urban and suburban living, with city-style business life and small-town neighborhoods. There are twelve distinct neighborhoods in Beaverton, each with its own unique character.

Beaverton's Business Environment

Beaverton is occupied by some of Oregon’s most promising entrepreneurs and the successful businesses within each community reflect this. They pride themselves on their more prominent businesses, like being home to the global headquarters of Nike, but they also take pride in their locally owned establishments like Royaltea Beaverton.

Beaverton's Neighborhoods

Beaverton has over 15 neighborhoods; below we take a closer look at some of them.

Beaverton, OR

  • Central Beaverton, 97005
  • South Cooper Mountain, 97007
  • Neighbors Southwest, 97007
  • South Beaverton, 97008
  • Denney Whitford, 97008
  • Raleigh West, 97225
  • Greenway, 97008
  • Vose. 97008
  • Progres, 97005
  • Highland, 97008
  • Whitford, 97223
  • Sexton Mountain, 97007

A Closer Look at Beaverton's Neighborhoods

Sexton Mountain

Located near the western edge of Beaverton is one of the city’s more suburban neighborhoods. Greenery spans across the area which makes for sublime views, especially in the numerous parks throughout the area. Sexton Mountain has about seven major parks scattered across the region such as Summercrest, Madrona Heights, Carlwood, Morrison Woods, and several others. Many residents and visitors enjoy taking strolls through the decorative parks which go on for miles. They’re great for peaceful activities like bird watching, as their parks are home to many of Oregon’s native birds like the Black-capped Chickadee and the Spotted Towhee. Two noteworthy parks in particular are the Hart Meadows Park and the Beacon Hill Park. Aside from their beauty, what really makes the parks special is their location. These two developed parks both border Sexton Mountain Elementary School. Hart Meadow has multiple different trails children can run through to unwind after school and Beacon Hill was recently upgraded to some incredibly elaborate playground amenities. Sexton Mountain Elementary School offers some of the best education in Oregon in order to set children up for successful futures.

Being that the neighborhood is so family-oriented, it’s an added bonus that the crime rate in the neighborhood is so low, sitting at 20% below the national average. This knowledge allows families to sleep peacefully at night knowing they and their loved ones are safe.

While Sexton Mountain may be the serenest neighborhood out of the Beaverton communities, they still share the same ambitious, hard-working residents. Sexton Mountain has a number of different locally-owned businesses like the Grove Cookie Company, a family bakery, and Dragon Slayer Consulting, a business management consulting firm. Just like at the Grove Cookie company, many of the businesses within Beaverton try to maintain sustainability as it applies to their businesses, but also their everyday lives.

Central Beaverton

Located in the heart of Beaverton is the bustling neighborhood of Central Beaverton. The area is home to nearly 12,000 residents and is bordered by several other communities such as Raleigh West, Vose, and Cedar Hills. Central Beaverton is a prime example of the urban lifestyle that’s encompassed within Beaverton. The neighborhood offers an extensive downtown area which spans several blocks. This province is home to a vast number of businesses which make up both the day-time activities and also their boundless nightlife.

While the downtown area is great for strolling through for some shopping and a quick bite, there are also many other establishments scattered throughout the area. During the day, Central Beaverton has a number of different diverse eating establishments to choose from for a delicious lunch. You can get a flavorsome dumpling casserole from Nak Won, or an authentic Puerto Rican dish from Boriken.

When residents find themselves in need of a spot to wind down after a hard day of work, many turn to the Raindrop Tap House.This beer hall is great for a casual drink and some light conversation. For a fancier night-out, you can find many locals at the Loyal Legion. This beer hall is contemporary and full of life during the night. On a Saturday evening, you can also find many residents at the five-star Top Burmese Bistro Royale. This restaurant is especially beloved by its locals for both its palatable menu, as well its attractive architecture. This establishment is one of many that make up the neighborhood's nightlife.

The Burmese Bistro Royale is far from the only attractive architecture within the neighborhood. The one thing residents might love the most about Central Beaverton is how beautiful the homes are. They offer a vast array of architecture when it comes to houses, which range from modern to rustic. Their modern houses stand out to many as sleek and trendy, while their more rustic options catch the eyes of other residents as verdant and picturesque. To add to their substantial housing market, Central Beaverton also has some great options within their many apartment complexes.

South Beaverton

Just at the border of Beaverton, you can find the wooded community of South Beaverton. The suburban province harbors roughly 10,000 residents. The population density is slightly lower than the neighboring communities, which allows for spacious living and a lush environment. They don’t have as many urban shopping locations like they’re Central counterpart, but they are home to several small businesses like Mastercare Cleaning and Oliver Smith Locks. They harbor a calming and peaceful environment, in part due to their vast forest grounds like Hyland Forest Park. The luxuriant park spans over 30 acres of pure forest where anyone can take a scenic stroll through some of the many trails that are highlighted. Learn More about Beaveron Here.

The calming environment is great for adults, and children too, as there are a few different schools in the area. They range from elementary to secondary school and it’s some of the best education a parent could hope for.


Apart from its larger counterparts, Greenway is one of the smallest neighborhoods in Beaverton with a population of just slightly over 6,000. Greenway is the true medium between urban and suburban lifestyles that Beaverton offers. They have a number of luxurious parks like Koll Center Wetlands and Greenway Park Tractor Playground, but they also have a ton of establishments and businesses.

In Greenway, in just a short drive you can make your way from a beautiful day at the park to some quick shopping at that strip mall to grab balloons from Party City or a trendy jacket from the Burlington Coat Factory.